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 "In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. "   -- Mother Teresa.


If you arrived at this site because you were looking for Kitty's Web Creations, then look no more. The little business no longer exists. Drop me a line though, because I may be able to refer you to a friend who can help you out with your web pages.

In the meantime, I've resumed working on an old dream and am completing a degree, intending to teach high school biology. Long long ago, my Kindergarten teachers kick-started my interest in teaching by asking me to read to my classmates. Many of my later teachers followed suit. The experience wasn't lost -- it came in very handy for teaching Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and adult scout volunteers and Red Cross first aid and... well, you get the idea. So, wish me luck as I finally go for the finish line in this marathon.

You might know that I coordinated the programming for quite a few conventions over the years. While I'm not actively helping with those organizations at the moment (my time really must be used for studying right now) I have every intention of lending a hand again in the days to come, once my diplomas are on the wall rather than in my future.

My genealogy research is also on hiatus, alas, again due to time constraints, but my WorldConnect is still posted at RootsWeb and IF you donít mind that my replies are quite delayed then I donít mind answering questions and directing folks to those who can assist with the various lines of descent.